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TMC is one of the leading providers of video production services in the UK. At the cutting edge of the medium we create videos for every purpose across a range of sectors.


Video Production Services

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are becoming much more popular these days, particularly on the web. A good corporate video will give your brand a new dimension, open you up to new markets and above all give your audience a reason to listen.

Only a few years ago the idea of producing a corporate brand video would have scared most marketers away. However, with improved technology and the growth of digital media channels, corporate videos are now much more affordable and can easily be shared with a global audience.

The Marketing Café is a highly experienced video production company. We have a network of videographers across the UK with a post production studio based in rural Ayrshire where great ideas are given room to breathe. We believe in the power of video to help brands realise their goals and it shows in the work we do.

Developing your first corporate video can be a daunting task – we are here to make it easy for you. From initial concept discussions and the development of ideas to storyboard creation and interview training we will make sure your next corporate video innovates and leads the way in your market.

Hotel Videos

We are an experienced hotel video production company for a wide range of client from large global brands to small boutique establishments.

Hotel and leisure videos are beginning to come of age for forward thinking brands. Never before has the opportunity been so great for hotels to really engage their audience with innovative video content. Of course video is a great way to show potential guests around the hotel, but it can be so much more. For example, short branded videos could include a series of ‘how to’ guides from cocktail mixing to making the perfect bed.

If you are looking to develop your hotel video marketing then we have everything you need to get you started. Our skills include content development, storyboard creation, hiring talent, scriptwriting, motion graphics, multiple camera effects and full post production.

You may have resisted video up to now due to cost and the lack of high quality production already in existance. However, affordable yet outstanding quality is now readily available for all our hotel clients here at TMC.

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Property Videos

Estate agency videos are a particular speciality for TMC. We have worked and continue to work with some of the UK’s best known estate agents, particularly at the premium end of the market.

Video is a growing medium with so much potential for brands that are prepared to embrace it. The estate agency sector can benefit from video marketing in so many ways from personalisation of the brand to engaging property videos that can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Property videos and video marketing is now an essential element in the communications mix for estate agency brands. If you are looking to develop your thoughts on the subject and would like to be a true innovator in your market then The Marketing Café is ready to help. We are already supporting leading brands in this sector and have the capabilities to deliver the very best video solutions at every level.

Our skills include content development, storyboard creation, interviews, scriptwriting, motion graphics, multiple camera effects and full post production.

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Video Interviews

If you are planning to develop brand videos that include interviews with key members of your team then we can help.

The great strength of brand videos for marketing is that they can help personalise your business. People buy from people and it is increasngly important that the video medium is used to show the world how good you are.

When you include members of the team in your video productions you need to make sure they are well briefed and come across naturally. This is often be a challenge as the camera can cause the most eloquent and confident speakers to freeze. At TMC our video team know how to put interviewees at their ease and with great editing we can make a novice look like a real pro.

Motion Graphics

Video is a rapidly growing marketing medium that requires great creativity in order to make it work, particularly when it comes to motion graphics and effects.

The Marketing Café is one of the UK’s leading video production companies. We are at the cutting edge of the industry with the very best talent at our disposal. As well as a UK wide network of seasoned videographers we have an in-house post production studio that is capable of delivering to the highest standards.

Motion graphics and 3D renderings that were once the exclusive domain of big budget production houses are now available to brand marketers who are ready to lead their business into a new age of truly captivating digital marketing.

If you would like to bring your brand to life with the very best video production and motion graphic creativity then please feel free to call us on 01563 509005.

The Marketing Café is an established provider of video production services for a wide range of clients across the UK from Glasgow to London.

Online video has grown rapidly over the last few years and brands are now taking advantage of this dynamic medium like never before. If you are looking to develop your marketing communications with high quality video productions that are both cutting edge and affordable then we can help.

“The video that Ian and his team created for the Fit Body Farm is very professional and slick. It really show cases every facet of our business and has helped hugely in attracting new customers for us. We’re very happy!” – Gavin Hogarth, Fit Body Farm

Our expertise in video production covers storyboard creation, scriptwriting, presenting, motion graphics, multiple camera effects and full post production. All of our videos can be formatted to play on any web or mobile device as well as to broadcast standards if required.

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