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Grand Harbour Hotel

Video production for an iconic Southampton hotel

Project Description

Our latest hotel video production was created for The Grand Harbour, Southampton. Located right next to the famous cruise terminals, the hotel was filmed over three very busy, but rewarding days. Two edits were produced, this one as the main overview plus a meetings and events video. The hotel has many unique characteristics such as the iconic glass atrium, which features strongly in the film.

We like to bring new ideas and innovative styles to each new hotel video we make. For this one we chose to shoot the entire video using a steadicam to achieve a seamless walk through. From one scene to the next there are clever transitions and match cuts, which add significant production value to the final cut.

Also, the use of special FX titles throughout the film help to guide the viewer on an absorbing journey around the hotel.

The video is absolutely amazing. I showed the first edit at a team meeting yesterday and everyone broke into spontaneous applause at the end and commented about how they got goosebumps. Nathan Chart, Grand Harbour Hotel

The hotel video production can be viewed on the website of The Grand Harbour Hotel here

Project Detail

CLIENT: Grand Harbour Hotel
DOP: Mark Jackson
Camera Assistant: Jerzy Gudjonsson
LOCATION: Southampton

view on youtube

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