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Branding is much more than just a logo, it’s the personality of your business and it requires an emotional response from those who engage with it. It’s what people think when they hear your name being mentioned and how they feel when they see it in print.

A nice shiny new logo isn’t going to change the culture of a business or its values. So when customers come to The Marketing Café and ask us to help develop a new identity or revise a current one we ask questions. These questions are designed to challenge you, get you thinking about who you are, where you are and what you want to be.

Sometimes the result is that fundamental changes need to take place in the business, staff need to be trained and customers re-educated. It’s an exciting journey that affects the soul of the business with an end result that should inspire everyone that comes into contact with you. You shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Packaging Design

Product packaging design is a highly specialised area of marketing communications. It can make the difference between success and failure.

Our design portfolio includes a wide range of product packaging designs for household brands across various categories including LCD televisions and Health & Beauty products.

Competition for shelf space amongst consumer brands is very intense so when the opportunity comes to put your product out there you need to know the packaging design is able to deliver. With a strong marketing ethos our product packaging design team are completely focused on ensuring the right results are always achieved.


We have many years of experience creating advertising campaigns for a wide range of clients from jewellery retailers to legal firms.

We can work with you to help identify targets and develop the right message. Our focus is to inject great creativity to ensure the piece attracts the response you are looking for.

Advertising can take many forms across a vast array of mediums. The traditional methods have become less effective over the years, instead The Marketing Café aims to develop a strategy that makes the most of today’s emerging technologies.


If you are looking for a corporate brochure then TMC could be a good choice for you. Our creativity includes the ability to write great copy. Our clients often comment that it is really helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes when writing about their business.

We have been producing brochures for many years and can help you publish them either through print or digitally.


Your sales presentations need to have real impact. The difference between making a positive impression and winning the business could come down to your presentation.

At TMC we help many clients with their presentations. Amongst others we have experience in PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi. So, for that winning edge let TMC bring your next presentation to life.

If you are looking for a creative agency that can support you across all aspects of the marketing mix then your search is over.

Our in-house creative capabilities are wide and varied from branding to brochure design and copywriting to packaging development. The common thread is creativity and the desire to ensure our customers have real stand out in their market.

“TMC are an integral part of our business. We have worked with them for years as they have supported our growth and development. We wouldn’t be without them.” – Cello Electronics

From rural Ayrshire to the city of London our clients are small, large and everything in between. Whether you are a Marketing Director, business owner, CEO or Marketing Assistant you could be a client of ours.

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